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Saturday, 26 July 2014

In Numbers: Dunga's complete Brazil record

In Numbers: Dunga's complete Brazil record

On Tuesday, the Brazilian football federation (CBF) confirmed the return of Dunga, for what will be his second spell as Brazil coach.

The 50-year-old spent four years in charge of the Selecao between 2006 and 2010, guiding them to Copa America and Confederation Cup titles.

In what was a largely successful period in the dugout, Dunga won 42 of his 60 games in charge and raced through Conmebol's World Cup qualification marathon.

Of those 60 matches, his 10 most-used players were: Gilberto Silva, Robinho, Maicon, Kaka, Julio Cesar, Juan, Lucio, Dani Alves, Elano and Luis Fabiano.

Nobody made more appearances for the coach than the 54 of Gilberto Silva. Robinho appeared 53 times and scored 21 goals, however Luis Fabiano was the most prolific of his reign, netting on 22 occasions.

Below is Dunga's complete record during his first four years in charge of Brazil.

16/08/2006 Oslo, Norway Norway Friendly D 1-1
03/09/2006 London, England Argentina Friendly W 3-0
05/09/2006 London, England Wales Friendly W 2-0
07/10/2006 Kuwait City, Kuwait Kuwait Friendly W 4-0
10/10/2006 Stockholm, Sweden Ecuador Friendly W 2-1
15/11/2006 Basel, Switzerland Switzerland Friendly W 2-1
06/02/2007 London, England Portugal Friendly L 0-2
24/03/2007 Gothenburg, Sweden Chile Friendly W 4-0
27/03/2007 Stockholm, Sweden Ghana Friendly W 1-0
01/06/2007 London, England England Friendly D 1-1
05/06/2007 Dortmund, Germany Turkey Friendly D 1-1
26/06/2007 Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela  Mexico Copa America L 0-2
01/07/2007 Maturin, Venezuela Chile Copa America W 3-0
04/07/2007 Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela Ecuador Copa America W 1-0
07/07/2007 Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela Chile Copa America W 6-1
10/07/2007 Maracaibo, Venezuela Uruguay Copa America D 2-2 (5-4 pens)
15/07/2007 Maracaibo, Venezuela Argentina Copa America W 3-0
22/08/2007 Montpellier, France Algeria Friendly W 2-0
09/09/2007 Chicago, United States USA Friendly W 4-2
12/09/2007 Boston, United States Mexico Friendly W 3-1
14/10/2007 Bogota, Colombia Colombia World Cup Qual D 0-0
17/10/2007 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Ecuador World Cup Qual W 5-0
18/11/2007 Lima, Peru Peru World Cup Qual D 1-1
21/11/2007 Sao Paulo, Brazil Uruguay World Cup Qual W 2-1
06/02/2008 Dublin, Ireland Republic of Ireland Friendly W 1-0
26/03/2008 London, England Sweden Friendly W 1-0
31/05/2008 Seattle, United States Canada Friendly W 3-2
06/06/2008 Boston, United States  Venezuela Friendly L 0-2
15/06/2008 Asuncion, Paraguay  Paraguay World Cup Qual L 0-2
18/06/2008 Belo Horizonte, Brazil  Argentina World Cup Qual D 0-0
07/09/2008 Santiago, Chile Chile World Cup Qual W 3-0
10/09/2008 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  Bolivia World Cup Qual D 0-0
10/10/2008 San Cristobal, Venezuela  Venezuela World Cup Qual W 4-0
15/10/2008 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Colombia World Cup Qual D 0-0
19/11/2008 Brasilia, Brazil Portugal Friendly W 6-2
10/02/2009 London, England Italy Friendly W 2-0
29/03/2009 Quito, Ecuador Ecuador World Cup Qual D 1-1
01/04/2009 Porto Alegre, Brazil  Peru World Cup Qual W 3-0
06/06/2009 Montevideo, Uruguay Uruguay World Cup Qual W 4-0
10/06/2009 Recife, Brazil Paraguay World Cup Qual W 2-1
15/06/2009 Bloemfontein, South Africa Egypt Confederations Cup W 4-3
18/06/2009 Pretoria, South Africa United States Confederations Cup W 3-0
21/06/2009 Pretoria, South Africa Italy Confederations Cup W 3-0
25/06/2009 Johannesburg, South Africa South Africa Confederations Cup W 1-0
28/06/2009 Johannesburg, South Africa United States Confederations Cup W 3-2
12/08/2009 Tallinn, Estonia Estonia Friendly W 1-0
05/09/2009 Rosario, Argentina Argentina World Cup Qual W 3-1
09/09/2009 Salvador, Brazil Chile World Cup Qual W 4-2
11/10/2009 La Paz, Bolivia Bolivia World Cup Qual L 2-1
14/10/2009 Campo Grande, Brazil Venezuela World Cup Qual D 0-0
14/11/2009 Doha, Qatar England Friendly W 1-0
17/11/2009 Muscat, Oman Oman Friendly W 2-0
02/03/2010 London, England Republic of Ireland Friendly W 2-0
02/06/2010 Harare, Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Friendly W 3-0
07/06/2010 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Tanzania Friendly W 5-1
15/06/2010 Johannesburg, South Africa North Korea World Cup W 2-1
20/06/2010 Johannesburg, South Africa Ivory Coast World Cup W 3-1
25/06/2010 Durban, South Africa Portugal World Cup D 0-0
28/06/2010 Johannesburg, South Africa Chile World Cup W 3-0
02/07/2010 Port Elizabeth, South Africa Netherlands World CUp L 0-2


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