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Friday, 21 March 2014


When it comes to money, Bongo music is one of the most lucrative but you’d never tell that listening to the artistes pour their hearts out for their loved ones. Bongo Flavour acts rake in the money in truck loads and they don’t spend it on bling only, they invest their money. Sylvia Ambani and Herieth Makwetta looked at some of the richest acts in Tanzania.
He stayed in the shadows for long looking for a break but now that the limelight has been trained on him, he has proved that he belongs at the top of the music charts. He finally made a debut in 2009 with his hit song “Kamwambie”.
He is one of the most expensive musicians not just in Tanzania but the region and this does not seem to put promoters off as he is on the stage on a weekly basis. Want him for a show, you will have to pay him $4000 (Sh350,000). And that’s after a bargain.
This has enabled him to make a fortune for himself in a very short period of time. He owns mansions in Tanzania, acres of land, cars and shops.
He began his music career in 1990 with a group called the Hard Blasters. It is this band that started the music style known as ‘muziki wa kizazi kipya’. The artiste has acquired his wealth through the many shows he does internationally.
He owns a beachfront mansion which has an in-built studio, drives a modest Toyota Spacio but don’t let that fool you, it’s not that he can’t afford fuel because he makes good money from his music and owns several parcels of land and is also a serious investor.
She started her music career at the end of the 1999. She is one of the most respected Tanzanian artistes and has remained humble through her success. She is very hard working and this has led her to accumulate a good fortune to her name.
Her garage pays homage to a Nissan Murano, a Toyota Coaster minibus, Toyota Prado among others. She of course can’t own all those and rent. She owns a mansion. She also invests heavily and owns a band by the name Machozi.
He started his music career back in 2000 with the group East Coast. The group later split and he continued to do his solo music together with his close friend Hamisi Mwinjuma (Mwana FA). They are still close friends and have been friends for more than ten years.
AY likes to keep his personal life private and stays away as much as he can from the cameras. All the camera shyness may fool you but he is one of the richest artistes in Tanzania. He has derived his wealth from the many shows he does and the international events that pay him handsomely. He has a collection of cars, a clothing line with his name and several boutiques.
He is the owner of Unity Entertainment Company which produces programmes like the famous ‘Mkasi’ which is broadcasted on East Africa Television. He recently did a collabo with Lil Romeo that got some good reception across the continent.
He is one of the long timers who are still relevant in the music scene. He has been able to make a name for himself since his days in the male group artists TMK when he was under Mkubwa Fela. He later left and formed his own group called ‘Wanaume Halisi’.
He owns a fleet of taxis that operate in Dar es Salaam; he owns acres of land and a home.



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