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Thursday, 20 February 2014


There are a number of stipulation matches in WWE designed to intimidate, threaten and menace the athletes chosen to compete in them, but there’s only one that inspires actual terror. The Elimination Chamber, now more than a decade old, is famously known for its ability to turn the stomachs of even the most stalwart Superstars.
"That's real,” said Triple H, a battle-hardened veteran of six bouts inside the Prison. “It’s not something we hype up. The concern is legit. They couldn't have made it any more difficult for us to work in if they tried.”
Sitting in his stately offices inside Titan Tower, the WWE COO cut the same imposing figure now as the man who won a record four Chamber bouts in the past.
“What people don’t understand is that the metal grating outside the ring is the same grating they make the stage with,” he explained. “It’s designed to support thousands of pounds, so there’s no give to it all. Then there are the walls themselves, which are made of thick metal chain. And at first you think, ‘Oh, well, the chain moves a bit.’ But it’s actually worse, because the chain shifts about an inch and a half, even though it’s all connected, so it’s like you’re hitting a steel wall. And it’s a bumpy steel wall that digs into you everywhere.”


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