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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Great battle--Batista vs. Alberto Del Rio

Before he makes it to WrestleMania XXX for his WWE World Heavyweight Title opportunity, Batista will meet a dangerous opponent at WWE Elimination Chamber when he takes on former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio.
The encounter will be a personal one for The Animal who had a heated exchange with The Mexican Aristocrat via social media before he even returned to WWE. After being dismissed by Del Rio during an in-ring tirade, Batista tweeted, “So I hear Alberto Del Rio is talking trash. Just one question ... Who the hell is Alberto Del Rio?!!!” When the former amateur wrestler and mixed martial artist responded with an insulting comment about Batista’s sole MMA fight, the stage was set for an epic showdown before The Animal’s Air Jordans had even hit the mat.
On his first night back in WWE, Batista immediately targeted Del Rio and drilled him into the mat with a punishing Batista Bomb. The two crossed paths again in the Royal Rumble Match where The Animal launched his rival over the top rope en route to his huge victory. It seemed as though their enmity quieted after that with Batista focusing on the WWE World Heavyweight Title Match he earned at the Rumble, but things began to heat up again on the Feb. 2 Raw, when Batista was interrupted — and sucker punched — by the eely elitist.
On the Feb. 10 Raw, an enraged Batista hit Del Rio with a vicious Batista Bomb, sending his rival through the announce table. Afterward, WWE COO Triple H told The Animal he must keep him in the ring because it's best for business, so he could have Del Rio at Elimination Chamber. But, for a villain like Del Rio, an opponent’s rage can often be manipulated into psychological weakness. Will that be the case when The Animal meets The Aristocrat? Find out on Sunday, Feb. 23, at Elimination Chamber.


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