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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Raw results: Bryan starts a movement, Lesnar makes his demands and the Elimination Chamber takes shape

Daniel Bryan confronted The Authority

More than a few people were not happy that Daniel Bryan didn’t get to throw his hat into the Royal Rumble Match last night. Among them – unsurprisingly – was Daniel Bryan himself. The Superstar who normally lets his skills do the talking for him instead and bared his fangs to The Authority on Monday night, taking both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon to task for refusing him entry into WWE’s 30-man melee. He even so far as to threaten Triple H if he was also denied the opportunity to compete for the WWE World Heavyweight Title in the Elimination Chamber.
Even with the WWE Universe roaring its approval, though, speaking up against the corporate power has never done anyone much good in WWE, and so it was that Bryan was soon besieged by The Shield, who The Authority was all too happy to sic on the besieged fan favorite. It took Sheamus to help give Bryan a fighting shot, and, finally, John Cena to even the odds enough that The Hounds of Justice beat a hasty retreat. To top it all off, Bryan might get what he wants yet: As a result of the melee, he, Cena & Sheamus were confirmed to face The Shield in Raw's main event, and the winners would be headed into the Elimination Chamber


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